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08 November 2009 @ 11:52 pm
My Top 20 Johnny/Olivia Scenes: A General Hospital Picspam  

Follow the cut to see the final countdown:

It was almost impossible for me to complete this list because quite frankly, every Jolivia scene is special in its own way, but after much re-watching and over-thinking, I came up with a list that I think will be satisfying to Jolivia fans, or at least really illustrates exactly why I (and so many others) love them so, so much. So, take a walk down memory lane, enjoy and comment here, at Twitter (http://twitter.com/johnnyandolivia) or at the forum (http://forum.johnnyandolivia.com) to disagree with my selections or to share in the love of all that’s Jolivia!

Before I begin, here are some moments that did not make the final cut, but I felt needed to be recognized.

in chronological order.

/”if anything happens to olivia, i will bury you” June 3, 2009/ "i always warm ‘em up first" June 18, 2009/"all I need you to do is say yes to something" June 19, 2009/"why don’t we go back to your place and say nothing at all” June 30, 2009/"they’re beautiful" July 10, 2009/"i’ve got no reason to show up here and start judging you" July 21, 2009/"let me take the lead and i’ll show you the way" September 21, 2009/"i love you" September 28, 2009/”nothing matters except the two of us" October 19, 2009/”at the end of the day she was my sister and i loved her" November 6, 2009/

I actually do have good reasons why I picked all of the above, but will not go into depth right now, since there’s tons more for me to analyze. :D Feel free to post about them, and I could go on and on and on ad nauseam. :P

How can scenes with the words “No Apologies” not be included in this top-20 list?? :D Seriously, though, from the moment that Johnny said “No Apologies,” I knew it would be the perfect name for the Johnny and Olivia forum and website. It just fits them to a tee. And then when Olivia referenced it again?? I knew I was right, and I took it as a small shout-out to the Jolivia fans, whether it was meant to be or not. :D

I will admit that when I first saw Johnny give Olivia a stuffed dog, I thought it was way corny, and I’ve never liked corny in my couples. But in retrospect, this gesture was so perfect when juxtoposed with the break-up scenes that came after it. Here is Johnny who is lovely and romantic giving Olivia something so innocent, something that really symbolizes everything that she gave up in her youth because she had a kid at such a young age. And Johnny’s is the first man who has given her these things (not just Baxter) that she totally missed out on. No wonder it was so hard to break up with Johnny that night! Corny or not, I love everything that the scene represents.

The flowers, the understanding, the tenderness. Sigh. Johnny proved to be everything that Sonny’s not, and gave Olivia everything that Sonny was unwilling to give: Space. Time. An ear. A chance to think through her feelings. In this scene, Johnny proved that he cared about Olivia’s feelings more than his own ego and his own need for whatever relationship he wanted with her. In direct opposition to Sonny. How can Olivia choose anyone else after hearing Johnny’s perfect words? Smart Olivia for sticking with Johnny.

Even though it was totally absurd that a man who was shot in the chest four times would escape from the hospital the next day and be well enough to walk and talk, I still loved it all. From the gross bleeding at the office (Johnny did look hot, though) right down to the tenderness of the moments depicted above. Loved hearing Olivia share in Johnny’s sentiment. What they have with each other is truly unique to their previous romantic experiences.

Pure soapy angst. After Olivia ran out of Jake’s when Johnny was serenading her, I wrote at the forum that on Monday, I would love it if Johnny comes out of Jake’s and sees a verklempt Olivia, and they continue their little cat and mouse game, and then lo and behold, it actually happened! :D I guess when you watch soaps for a long period of time, you can start to guess the natural progression of some scenes. I was glad to see that Jolivia were given super-couple-in-the-making type writing. And really, look at their faces. So beautifully angsty.

I loved that Johnny kicked Claudia out. I loved that Olivia was so concerned about Johnny’s well-being, and I loved how absolutely couple-y they acted when Olivia came in (the touches, the kisses, the hugs), even in front of Claudia. It was clear from this day that they cared about each other as more than just bed buddies.

Johnny and Olivia understand each other. Despite their differences in family history, age, personality, they click, and their connection is tangible. I loved also that Johnny told her that he never feels second best with her, just needed. He always says the perfect things. No wonder Olivia can’t resist.

Just look at how beautiful they are. This was the first time of many that Johnny showed his vulnerability before Olivia did. When he asked Olivia to go away with him and she turned him down and he tried to play it off to him telling her he’d miss her while she’s out of town. Sigh. What a dreamboat.

They didn’t even have to share dialogue in these scenes. It was just the image of them together as a couple at this wedding making Dante squirm :D and Carly cheer that made me so, so, so happy. Just marvel at the intimacy and prettiness.

Purple underwear day. Enough said. ;) Okay, not enough said. Two words really come to mind when watching these scenes: sheer bliss. That’s what Jolivia is to me.

Blindfold sex day. An unexpected ray of love and lust in the afternoon.

Okay, again, totally soapy, but dayum, Brandon can sing. The song was perfect, the pained look on both of their faces was perfect. Aesthetically gorgeous.

Olivia tries to break up with Johnny (who really does pick out the best bouquets for Olivia, btw). When he said that her soap reminded him of those flowers? Swoon. Just a beautiful group of scenes, even if Lisa thinks she looked cross-eyed. :D Johnny is so steadfast and true in his desire to be with her, and Olivia clearly wants to be with him, too. Oh, and Johnny and Olivia have been MY favorite surprise of the year, too.

Sometimes the greatest scenes for a couple are the ones that actually don’t include both people in the same scenes. The scenes of Olivia talking about her love for Johnny to Jax and Johnny talking about his love for Olivia to Claudia and Dante were perfect in connection to the heartbreak that was occurring surrounding these scenes. We needed to know that Olivia really loved Johnny even though she brutally broke up with him, and we needed to know why Johnny loved her so much. It’s those moments that mean more to fans of couples than even scenes that they share with each other.

The scene that got me hooked. As I was flipping channels that day and landed on GH (I was on GH-hiatus at the time) and saw this hotness, it made me pause and take notice. Plus, it was fun to watch Sonny squirm at the ecstasy in Olivia’s voice. :D Must-see Jolivia TV.

Um…yeah, the first scenes between them couldn’t have been more perfect. Bonding over being “talk-tos” and flirting, having hot, passionate sex, but then talking to each other and getting to know each other. Just made of win. An amazing start to an amazing couple.

Classic Jolivia scenes. I’m going to guess that these are the scenes with the “Olivia is more than turned on by a fight charged Johnny” scene directions that Lisa and Brandon talked about during Fan Club Weekend. They’re just sexy together. In every way.

I know it’s hard to believe that break up scenes could be so close to the top of the list, but these scenes really proved that Jolivia were more than just a fling and all about sex and spaghetti. They proved that they have what it takes to be a true soap opera couple and weather the ups and the downs. In this case, the downs were angsty, heartbreaking, and overall beautiful (even if Brandon looks cross-eyed :D). Kudos to the lovely Michele Val Jean who wrote the dialogue, which was absolutely perfect in every way, and to Lisa and Brandon who just nailed these scenes!

I just feel like this piece of dialogue really articulates how I feel about Jolivia myself. I didn’t expect them, but damn, I am glad they showed up on my screen. I can only hope that they’ll continue to leave imprints on my heart for a long time to come as they have done for the past 6 months.

These scenes were so beautiful to me that I even made a Jolivia Retrospective Video set to the dialogue (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2ZnniEcO0Y). Once again, kudos to Michele Val Jean who truly wrote the most perfect dialogue. Usually, people say that actions speak louder than words, but in this case, the words outshined it all. By far, my favorite Jolivia scene of all time.

And thus ends my countdown, and I know I haven’t included many scenes on the list, but here’s to hoping that GH gives all the Jolivia fans plenty more material to make us re-asses lists like these.

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